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Pleasurable Whiskey Memories

Couple_BedAs I stretched out on the bed my head rung with the same statement over and over. “My marriage is dead. Here lies the matrimony of Alice and Grayson.”

I sat up and looked at the empty right side of our bed and wondered where he could be. Who was he fucking now? How young was this one? And each time I asked myself one of these questions, I hated myself. I sneaked past the kids’ bedroom and walked to the downstairs den. I reached out for his Scottish gin and sat on his favorite seat. I again wondered where he might be, and who he was with.

And there at the tip of my memories was me and Luca. A younger me, 17 I think. And he, 20 something. Back when I was more exciting, I had a ferocious fire in me. And no one on the face of the earth could compete to the excitement that was brought by the affair I had with my father’s trainer and body builder, Luca. If he were here now, we would be rolling in silk sheets, doing God knows what to each other.

In the same train of thought, came the memory of yet another old flame.

“I was hot… I was the bomb back then,” I said to myself as he and his perfect teenage form appeared more vividly. Yes, captain of the football team and the high school jock of Golden Eagle High. Steven, and his dreams for us.

I placed the drink down on the stool beside the chair and concentrated my thoughts on Luca. I slowly reached for my breast and intoxicated myself with the memories of how he used clasp them and caress them. My lips were now wet with desire for one kiss from him one more time. And my pussy became wet as I recalled his tongue working its way down.

And in the same atmosphere of heat, was Steven and that midnight we shared in the woods. When I took his virginity and taught him how to make a woman out of girl. Skills I would regret teaching him. But still skills I would take advantage of. By now my panties were down and my index finger was slowly caressing my clit.

With each stroke there was either Luca, Steven or both. And as I touched myself I reminisced how one of them touched me, and with every gasp I remembered how they silenced me by closing my mouth with their lips.
And as made it to the edge, I heard an almost defying roar as the living room den door opened

“What the Hell is going on here? And who the fuck are Luca and Steven?” inquired Grayson.

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